ErbieChain manages the balance of each validator’s account, which comprises the following three components:

  • General Account Balance

    The general account balance represents the digital currency amount in the account, which can be used for transfers, transactions, or transaction fees, among other things.

  • Validator’s Stake

    The validator’s stake is the amount an account has staked upon becoming a validator. This amount, a minimum of 70,000 ERB, is locked for a certain period and cannot be accessed during this time. The higher the stake, the more opportunities the validator has to participate in block creation or consensus, and consequently, the more rewards are earned.

  • Staker’s Stake

    The staker’s stake is the amount staked when an account intends to earn an SNFT reward. This amount, a minimum of 700 ERB, is also locked for a specific period and is inaccessible during this time. Similar to the validator’s stake, a larger stake increases the likelihood of receiving rewards.