SNFT Creator Role#

In the economic model of ErbieChain, two primary roles emerge: validators and stakers. Inspired by the prospects of user income diversity and the multifaceted nature of the blockchain universe, the ErbieChain team introduced the role of the SNFT Creator. This addition, rooted in the technical aspects of SNFT, strives to engage users in the fascinating aspects of the blockchain world. It enables participation in various game mechanisms while enhancing potential earnings.

What is an SNFT Creator?#

An SNFT Creator is a role intimately associated with SNFT, being a chain identity identifier just like the SNFT is a chain asset. As the role’s name implies, the SNFT Creator is tied to the creation and management of SNFTs within the ErbieChain ecosystem. To fully grasp this concept, it’s recommended to first familiarize oneself with the following document: SNFT Overview.

SNFT Creator, as the name suggests, is understood in its literal sense. Moreover, SNFT will be periodically produced on the chain at the smallest unit of SNFT L3, and each series of SNFT L3 will elect a corresponding SNFT Creator as the creator. This means that the 4096 SNFT L0 contained in SNFT L3 will identify a certain address on the chain as the creator.

How to become SNFT Creator?#

All ChainLayer NFTs have the potential to be randomly elected as SNFTs, SNFT Creator is determined by the creator of the ChainLayer NFT.

What are the benefits of SNFT Creator?#

  • 10% of the revenue from SNFT (SNFT Creator created) transactions.