ErbieChain Multidimensional Blockchain#

ErbieChain is the next-generation blockchain that will form the infrastructure to support the future of NFTs, GameFi, and Metaverse.

ErbieChain solves the blockchain impossible triangle dilemma, which requires a necessary trade-off between scalability, security, and decentralization by building technologies to achieve a desirable balance between these three metrics and creating a highly scalable and secure blockchain system without sacrificing decentralization. To achieve these results, ErbieChain makes use of several major new technologies:

  • Multi-dimensional blockchain architecture: ErbieChain’s multi-dimensional blockchain architecture allows for linear growth in throughput with each additional chain and layer added to the system, allowing ErbieChain to easily achieve high transaction per second (TPS). Additionally, each parallel blockchain must also be coupled with the headers of other chains, creating a system whose security grows exponentially with the growth of the system and the addition of extra parallel chains and blocks.

  • Consensus mechanism based on dynamic random elections (DRE): A set of practical Byzantine fault-tolerant protocols for fully asynchronous environments. The security properties of DRE are post-quantum secure.

  • The Multi-Layered Blockchain Architecture: It is composed of the transport layer, blockchain layer, API layer, and application layer, making ErbieChain’s network secure and efficient.

Additionally, the ErbieChain team recognizes the importance of creating user-friendly solutions that can reduce the technical barriers for developers seeking to build decentralized applications (DApps). ErbieChain achieves this through ErbieChain Link, which takes over blockchain-related functionalities; it provides developers with a simple way to integrate their DApp and projects with ErbieChain so that developers and creatives can focus on what they do best - creating the best new DApps and products, allowing them to tap into the limitless potential of the blockchain to enhance the user experience.

ErbieChain Economic Model#

ErbieChain’s blockchain economic model is supported by a two-tiered token model consisting of the ErbieChain fungible token ERB and the non-fungible token SNFT.

  • The main cryptocurrency for ErbieChain is ERB. ERB is used to pay for internal transactions on ErbieChain and transactions on the SNFT markets, gas fees, and storage fees. It is also used as collateral to become a Validator and Staker. Lastly, ERB plays a crucial role in voting and participating in governance across the community, from regular tasks such as voting on the theme of each SNFT period, to major decisions such as disbursing funds from the ErbieChain Community Fund.

  • SNFT is the second native token for ErbieChain, serving as a direct reward for stakers to incentivize members of the community.