Document Upgrade History#




  1. Refine ChainLayer NFT OverviewSNFT Creator Role and ErbieChain Transactions Documents.




  1. New document: ChainLayer NFT Overview

    ErbieChain NFTs aim to provide more reliable and secure decentralized network services for your digital assets.

  2. New document: SNFT Creator Role

    In the Erbiechain economic model, there are two major identity roles, Validators and Stakers. Based on user income and diversity of the blockchain world, the ErbieChain team has added the SNFT Creator role under the technical background of SNFT. This article introduces the related content of SNFT Creator.

  3. New document: Blockchain Data and Analysis

    Read this section carefully so that you can understand the data displayed by the block explorer.

  4. New document: Blackhole Block Message Protocol

    Introducing the blackhole block message protocol of the ErbieChain network layer

  5. Add ErbieChain Transactions types: NFT mint and Nominating as SNFT Creator.

    Introducing the functions, parameters description and reference examples of two ErbieChain transaction types: NFT mint and Nominating as SNFT Creator.



Comments:First draft release.

  1. Get Started Erbie:This chapter helps you understand the technical background of ErbieChain.

  2. Non-Fungible Token:This chapter helps you understand the SNFT/NFT ecosystem in ErbieChain’s economic model.

  3. Developer Resource:This chapter provides relevant SDKs and running nodes documents to help validators and developers quickly join and maintain the ErbieChain network.

  4. Upgrade:This chapter provides a brief description of the ErbieChain development process.

  5. Appendix:This chapter provides a glossary to help you understand the basic concepts of ErbieChain.